Experiencing nature is a way to relax, find peace and calm, and heal your body, mind, and spirit. Looking at images of nature has the same healing benefits as physically being outside. All these things help us cope with pain, depression, anxiety, and stress. We are genetically programmed to find trees, plants, water, clouds, and sunshine to be comforting. These elements contain the healing properties our bodies crave. Science tells us that plants produce antibiotic phytoncides which help improve your health. Spending time outside is known to increase a calm mental and physical state of balance.

Connecting with nature contributes to a positive mood and promotes psychological well-being; this results in a life filled with vitality and meaningfulness. 

Photography By Martina

Landscape photography images captured around the world.

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Connect with Nature and People in beautiful places.   Exposure to the outdoors provides an improved quality of life.

If you can't get outside, then look at something beautiful. Watching a video or looking at a picture of the outdoors makes our brains experience the same feel-good response as physically being there.

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