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Be Here Now ~ Photography By Martina

Hello! I am Martina. And this is Be Here Now...

Be Here Now is a mindfulness based company passionate about connecting people with nature.  We believe nature has the power to heal and improve our lives.  Science has proven that nature in all forms, offers positive elements that improve our wellbeing and increases our vitality.  Helping us feel good and thrive.

We believe in mindfulness meditation.  Becoming present to connect with your true self.  With gratitude we celebrate our blessings and look towards the future with hope.  Focusing on our breath we fill our hearts with love and light.  Grounding to the earth we we gently move in the direction of our dreams.  Looking to the sky we find our peace.

We are inspired to create ways people can experience nature.  Creating videos that showcase images from around the world, using photography by Martina we create opportunities for people to look at nature and receive the healing benefits.   Creating retreats to connect people with nature to recharge and renew.  We are driven to help and celebrate personal transformation and self love.

We are humble and thank god for the opportunities to help people believe in their dreams.  With passion and purpose we create awareness of the healing benefits of nature by creating media to connect you with nature to you when it most needed and beneficial.

I am a photographer who is blessed to travel the wold experiencing amazing moments in nature that help me stay balanced and grateful.  With views that take my breath away I am inspired to capture and share these amazing experiences. 

I am passionate and driven to create awareness about the healing benefits of nature. 

I have worked in the photography industry for the past 20+ years.  Starting out in advertising I trained my creative eye and developed a personal style.  Using a monotone influence I hope my images present a sense of peace in the simplicity.  

I have been studying personal growth for the past 25 years and have developed a personal practice to manage my anxiety and depression and I am passionate to share the tools that have helped me.  A mother of two living in the Colorado Rocky Mountains I am driven to explore and experience the beauty of this world.  Living in the mountains provides me the benefit of receiving gods love intimately.  Benefiting my mental health, physical vitality and spirituality.  Watching sunrises and sunsets makes my heart happy and grateful for the blessing that allow me to be of service and make a difference. Always striving to spread love and light and be part of the change that I believe is gratitude.

I have been blessed to have found nature to heal and prosper in this lifetime. I have created

Be Here Now to pay it forward and be of service to others and help people connect with nature. Using my photography I have created Fine Art Prints and Meditation Videos.

I sell them at to help people bring nature indoors so they can benefit even when they can't get outside.

I also distribute my meditation video for free on You Tube at

I sell USB flash drives to be played on televisions in waiting and recovery rooms. This is a great way to help anyone who sees any part of the video to benefit and improve their mind body and spirit.

Being in nature, or even viewing scenes of nature, reduces anger, fear, and stress and increases pleasant feelings. Exposure to nature not only makes you feel better emotionally, it contributes to your physical wellbeing, reducing blood pressure, heart rate, muscle tension, and the production of stress hormones.  Researchers have found that gazing at images of the outdoors offers benefits such as pain relief, stress recovery and mood improvement.  Looking at nature can heal you and help you feel good.  Nature provides the natural resources your body needs to recover and maintain a calmer state of wellbeing, free and ready for us anytime we need a boost of energy and vitality.  

Looking at Nature Improves your Mind, Body and Spirit.

I have chosen this image from a camping trip this summer to Lake Wellington in Bailey Colorado to represent my company. It is an image that just captivated me when I was taking it and every time I see it. The smoke from forest fires and the rising sun gave the sky a blueish haze that was just mesmerizing. What a beautiful way to end the summer. (Besides for the forest fires that is.)

Thank you for your time and allowing me to introduce myself and my company. I hope you have an awesomely amazing day!

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