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Wild Wellness inspires connection and creates resources that inspire you to grow and thrive.

Martina Miller - Photographer - Meditation Guide

Finding her passion outside with nature, Martina captures her experiences and shares the beautiful images that have touched her soul. She is a nature meditation guide, inspired adventurer, and curator of transformational content.  


Martina is a mindful life-skill educator living in the Utah Wasatch Back Mountains. She travels the world experiencing amazing moments that help her stay balanced and grateful. Using artistic landscape photography, Martina captures images that can help you relax. Finding peaceful views that take her breath away inspires her to create videos and photographs to use as meditation tools.


Passionate and driven to create awareness about the healing resources nature provides, Martina personally has benefited from the positive effects of connecting with nature to manage anxiety and stress. This all fuels her desire to teach nature meditation as a tool to cope with stress, enhance health, and guide others toward living their best lives.


Connecting with nature improves your well-being and vitality, helping you to thrive.  


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